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The 5 Basics of Taking Care of Your Jewelry
Aug 19, 2013

I think every jeweler in Portland, Oregon has some type of guarantee. However, I don’t know how many of them offer a free lifetime guarantee like we do at Marx Jewelers.

I hate to be the guy to say it, but there are some limitations to that guarantee. That is why I want to give you the five basic things you need to know about taking care of your jewelry so you keep full advantage of that guarantee.


#1 – 6 month inspections

We do require that you come in every 6 months to have your piece inspected. What this allows us to do is check to make sure there are no gemstones loose or there are no issues with your setting.

The very last thing you or we would want is for that center diamond to fall out and be lost. If you aren’t coming in every 6 months so we can make any repairs, this is a very real possibility.

Think about how much wear and tear your hands take everyday. That wedding ring on your finger is subject to that same abuse!

#2 – Did you miss an inspection?

We will still service your ring! If you have gone 9 or 10 months without an inspection, unfortunately your guarantee is not valid.

But if you bring it in, let us inspect it and make any repairs, your guarantee will start over again! We don’t penalize you for the life of your jewelry for getting busy.

Now, this does need to be within reason. Don’t wait 4 years and then come back, okay?

#3 – Regular cleanings

I’m not talking about your teeth either! Your jewelry gets as much wear and tear as you do so come in as often as you like to have your jewelry cleaned.

We will also clean it during our 6 month inspections.

You can also clean your jewelry at home. We sell jewelry cleaning solution and polishing clothes and they are even free with a new purchase. We just got new inventory in, so come get yours today.

#4 – Refurbishing jewelry

White gold is the most popular choice today for jewelry. While white gold is extremely beautiful, it takes more upkeep than it’s counterparts.

That is why once a year, if you have purchased your ring from us and have kept up on your guarantee work, we will refurbish your jewelry for free.

Refurbishing jewelry includes cleaning, polishing to remove all scratches, repair of any prongs, and re-plating for free. Some people know this as “dipping”. This all total is a $70 value that we will do yearly for you for free.

If you are really rough on your jewelry and need this done more than once a year we will do it more often for a discounted price.

#5 – Resizing

We know it happens. Your fingers get bigger and smaller over the years. That is why we offer 2 free sizings per ring instead of just one.

We want your ring to stay in top notch condition, that means we don’t want you taking it to just anyone to get it resized because you may think they may be cheaper.

Bring your ring back to us and let us resize it correctly for you.

If you follow these simple maintenance tips for your jewelry we know it will stand the test of time and last you a lifetime. After all we sell only the best at Marx Jewelers!