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Wedding Jewelry Made Just For YOU

Apr 10, 2014

The style you want your wedding ring to be will fit your personality and lifestyle. I’ve come to learn this through countless custom wedding ring designs and working with many brides and grooms over the years.

And while your ring will be worn for many years to come and your wedding event is just one day, it’s still important for that event, as well as the rest of the jewelry you wear on that day, to match your style.

Some women design very unique and gorgeous wedding rings with me. Just imagine how seamless their look would be if they extended those design elements to the rest of their wedding jewelry.

This is something that I can and would love to do for you! The elements you put into your ring can be transferred to matching earrings, necklace, even a tiara or barrette for your hair.

Imagine this ring style, but in all those other forms, as well. The possibilities are endless!

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