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Aphrodite Collection

Classic, Elegant, Sensual
Everything we love about women is captured in the Aphrodite collection. Every piece is a signature piece destined for a sophisticated woman with timeless style and grace. Unique designs are touched with exotic elements and precise contours, and then honed with classic refinement.
Most rings in Aphrodite collection listed with price for setting only, unless otherwise noted.

Athena collection

Precious, Youthful, Milestone
Romantic, elegant, luxurious and affordable bridal sets offered to young couples that want to seal their pact of everlasting love and commitment. Each item within this collection is timeless, inspired to symbolize an everlasting and ageless love. Each piece is also lavish and unique, affordable with no compromise in quality.
Prices within Athena collection is for complete ring including center stone.

MARX Collection

Little pieces of art we created for you!
Its our signature line of custom made in house engagement rings.
Most rings in MARX collection listed with price for setting only, unless otherwise noted.

customers reviews


The Best!!!. I never write reviews because It's not my thing but this guy deserves it. I am the most pickiest guy in the world and I did all my business with him over the phone which was risky on my behalf because it's so hard for me to get something so important without looking at it face to face. But I heard so many good things from people about him that I took the risk. My first ring that I bought was a engagement ring for my girl and I was so nervous getting the ring but when I finally described to him how I want it and than I got it in the mail I opened it and WOW!, it's been 5 months and I can't stop looking at the ring and just telling myself, "What a great guy" how could somebody create such a beautiful ring. It was more perfect than I described to him. I could talk forever about how satisfied I am. I ended up going back to him for the wedding bands also. I just recieved them in the mail and I am telling you that It doesnt get any better. i am the hardest person to please but what he has done for the rings that I ordered is just perfect. 100% happy customer. The prices are cheaper than anybody else that I have encountered and the time he spent with me on the phone and his customer service is very honorable. Thanks Slava