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Are Round Diamonds Still Fashionable?
Sep 05, 2013

Women know all too well the rules of fashion trends: What’s old eventually becomes new again, and styles we swear no one would be caught dead in ever again return to favor quicker than we thought possible (Welcome back 1990’s!).

It’s the same in jewelry, though our industry benefits from having a firm grasp on the timeless, where a round diamond solitaire is equivalent to a classic LBD.

You can never go wrong with a round diamond. They are always popular and always the most expensive. Hey, good taste is priceless if you ask me!

Experts are predicting a comeback of the Marquis cut diamond, you know like the one popular in the 1980’s (I really, really hope they are wrong).

I am predicting something different altogether though. I think a cut of diamond that is a little bit older and wiser will become immensely popular and will see it’s day of major glory soon.  It is called the cushion cut diamond. Let me introduce you two.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Until recently it was difficult to find antique cushion cut diamonds for sale outside of estate sales and auctions. However cushion cuts are enjoying a small surge in popularity and are again being offered by jewelers. The most popular variety is the brilliant modified cushion cut diamonds.

The cushion cut is an antique cut that most often resembles a cross between the old mine cut and a modern oval cut.

The old mine cut is a deep cut with large facets that was common in the late 19th century and the early 20th centuries.

The antique cushion cut itself is not as brilliant or fiery as many of the newer cuts, but it is very romantic and classic looking and definitely stands out in a sea of the same. The modified brilliant cushion cut looks even better or equal to a round brilliant.

There are various ways you may see this cut of diamond as it varies widely since a lot is left to personal taste. As with most older (at least older type) things, measurements were not exact in the days of the old mine cut era. You will find cushion cuts that may be a long rectangle, or nearly square with varying size and depth of cuts.

Because this cut has large open facets I would advise you to choose the highest clarity and color your budget can afford. This is definitely a cut where people will be able to tell the difference!

A Unique Engagement Ring

Cushion cut diamond ringCushion cuts are not a “traditional” selection for engagement rings, however they are a romantic stand out from the common round (LBD) brilliant cuts that are generally selected for engagement rings.

Cushion cut diamonds require a minimum of four-pronged settings and larger stones will need to be set in with additional prongs to keep it secure.

I also recommend pairing this particular cut of diamond with our Palladium for your band. Palladium is in the Platinum family but is one third the price giving you a beautiful and long lasting ring at a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

For more info on Palladium, go to my blog on this amazing metal.