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Choosing the Right Engagement Ring for You

Jan 08, 2015

When scouring the options for the right engagement ring an overwhelming sense of anxiety is bound to settle in. You want something meaningful and unique that will make just the right statement in just the right price range. It is likely that time and resources are in short supply. The most important first step is to determine a realistic budget for both the engagement ring and wedding band. Some men choose to invest up to two months worth of salary on this once in a lifetime investment. This is no small change for any buyer. It is important to know the desired styles and tastes out there in order to make the purchase something that will be valued as just the right ring for the love of your life.

Diamonds are the traditional stone that is used in many engagement rings. This is due to the concept that the diamond itself represents both purity and strength. It is also interesting to consider different precious stones that may fit the preferred style or personality of your fiancée. Rubies, emeralds or sapphires can add a beautiful and unique style to any engagement ring setting.

The Internet is a great resource for perusing various options without any high-pressure sales. There are literally thousands of ring styles with countless ways to make the engagement ring you choose unique and meaningful. It is a popular idea to buy a ring mounting in order to design a completely unique ring using gemstones from family heirloom jewelry pieces. This is a thoughtful way to tie the past to the present as you welcome your new partner into the family while looking forward to the wonderful future family you will create together.

There is no perfect option but it is worth taking the time to invest all your options so that you can make the best selection to represent your commitment to the relationship. It is a good idea to do some of this research together either online or while window-shopping at local jewelry stores. Another great resource for choosing the right style of ring is her close friends or family members who know her preferences. She may even have a favorite Jeweler who could give you a clue as to whether she looks best in white gold, yellow gold or silver. If she has a preference for the look of silver then platinum or white gold engagement ring options may be the best choice for her style.

Modern brides usually have some idea about whether or not they would like a more traditional setting. This is an important thing to research since your bride to be will be wearing the ring you select all throughout her life and needs to be something she would be proud to wear. Most engagement rings come with an option to purchase as a bridal set that includes the wedding band. There are great options for wedding band bridal sets that are antique or vintage, which can create a more personalized look.

Take the time to choose a stone you both love, in a shape that accentuates the right style in a price range you can afford. Researching all the creative and affordable options will go a long way to ensure that your engagement is a memory that will be cherished for its thoughtfulness for generations to come.