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Do Little Kids Need Jewelry?

Apr 18, 2014

As a jeweler in Portland, Oregon, I mostly deal with individuals looking to get jewelry for themselves, their significant others, or close family members. But occasionally I also get asked about jewelry for children and young adults.

I Tentatively Say “No”

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend designing and purchasing jewelry for kids that are made from precious metals. They are typically expensive, although usually not as expensive as a similar item would be for an adult because less material is used.

If you have kids, you have probably witnessed the fact that the “stuff” around them doesn’t always stay where it starts out. A little girl may beg her mom to put a bow in her hair, but 20 minutes later, she’ll pull it out. It’s just the way of things with little kids sometimes.

Most kids don’t know the difference between precious metals and good imitations. Or crystals and diamonds. They tend to appreciate any little piece of bling they get to wear.

They also don’t usually have occasions to wear finer pieces of jewelry to. Although, depending on your own lifestyle, this may vary.

The Exceptions to 

thIS Jewelry Rule

But that’s not to say that a pair of small earrings can’t be a nice gift for your daughter. (And yes, I sell basic gold earrings in my shop at a very affordable price for just such a reason.)

So clearly, there are some exceptions to this general rule of thumb.

Your Prerogative

Of course, the most important exception is that it is always your choice! I’ve known many families to give more expensive items to children and teenagers. Everyone handles this topic in their own way.

Each kind of jewelry is different as well. My own daughter wore earrings from an early age. Many other parents are quite comfortable with earrings on younger kids, whereas they would not give them an expensive necklace or ring.

New Family Heirloom Jewelry

I can imagine designing a beautiful matching pair of necklaces for a mother and daughter, for example. The daughter may or may not wear it all the time to begin with, if she is young, but it is something beautiful and special that she will have for her whole life.

Family heirloom jewelry has to start somewhere, right? So perhaps this is an instance of a family heirloom starting new and those hypothetical necklaces will be passed down mother to daughter for generations. Who knows? But I like to think that some of my work will be cherished by more than just the ones I make it for.

Kids In the Wedding Party

I also hear a lot about weddings and what the brides are planning. Often, as they describe their ring to me, they are describing their personality and their style and that comes out in the wedding decor and events as well.

One opportunity for kids to wear jewelry is if they are a part of the wedding party. Ring-bearing boys can have matching cuff links or tie clips with the groom and groomsmen. Flower girls might have earrings or a bracelet that matches the bride and bridesmaids. This is especially true if the young members of the wedding party are the children of the bride or groom.

So, in all your planning, consider these differing views and then make the decision that is best for you and your family. If you have questions or want to discuss some custom design ideas with me, I’d love to hear them!

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