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Family and Feasting
Nov 20, 2013

Yet again I’m thinking about family and feasting this month. I guess it’s just part of the season during these fall months. So indulge me a little as I step out of my role as your jeweler and tell you a little more about myself as a man, father, and resident of Portland Oregon.

I enjoy being able to make food for my family when I get the chance which is mostly for necessity. Even when it’s part of the daily grind, I try to make little choices here and there that make a difference.

  1. I love living in Portland Oregon because of the farmers’ markets and fresh produce in the area. Not only is the food delicious and healthy, but I like supporting other local business owners.

  1. I also take advantage of health food stores. I like to get the best food that I can for my family. One of my favorites is Ezekiel bread, which is live sprouted barley bread made from a recipe found in the Bible. It tastes good and it’s good for you. That’s how I like it!

  1. I include traditional food from Central Asia and Russia in the diet of myself and my family to keep us connected to our roots. This isn’t as obvious as far as good choices for feeding our families goes; but I think, with the prevalence of fast food and convenience foods, we are losing some of the art of cooking that our ancestors have known for so many generations.

  1. I like to make the food for my child’s lunch instead of having her get it at school. It’s just one more thing during the day that connects me to her. Even if it’s just a simple sandwich.

Good food, a close family, and time that we can spend together. It’s all that matters in life. Oh, and a sparkling diamond or two can’t hurt!

Dedicated to being your jeweler,