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How to Decide Your Engagement Ring Setting

Nov 03, 2014

When the time has come for you to propose to that person you plan to spend the rest if your life with the engagement ring becomes a symbol of all that you will share together. One of the most important factors in determining the style of ring is the ring setting. The setting of the ring determines show the stone will be displayed taking into consideration fashion and lifestyle preferences. For example, will your fiancée be wearing the engagement ring for all activities? What type or work does she do each day? Does she need a ring that has a setting meant to hold the center stone more firmly in place or does a more delicate setting suit her needs. The setting of the ring sets the whole style preference from the start.

The type of preferred precious metal and gemstone will determine the ring setting. The elegance and sophistication level of the setting should fit the personality and preferences of the love of your life. You want her to feel confident and comfortable wearing the ring for all occasions. Jewelry professionals can help you navigate all the traditional options. Most ring settings are made with the precious metals of either gold or platinum. The gemstones in the setting do not always need to be diamonds. Oftentimes the more reasonable option for those who plan to wear the ring for all occasions is a man made stone or an colored gemstone. Don't be trapped into limiting your creativity with the ring setting to only traditional options.

There are many settings for engagement rings that are known to reputable Jewelers in the industry. Among the well-known options for ring settings are the following: custom, solitaire, flush, tension, vintage, antique and cathedral. The selected gems can also be cut to specific preferences including marquise, princess, emerald, cushion, oval, round or pear. The options are almost unlimited and the setting should be customized according to what best suits what she will love.

Engagement rings often have side stones rather than only one center stone. The side stones are intended to enhance the beauty of the selected center stone. You may want to opt for something called a channel setting and you can select a gold bypass ring. This is a setting that can be created with curved side shanks that are meant to secure the center gemstone more firmly into place. Another great option us a trellis rings with a three stone setting. The traditional meaning of the three stone setting is representation of the past, present and future.

If you are fortunate enough to be marrying a beautiful woman who is also smart and practical, she will likely be willing to help select specific rings she would love within the price range that the two of you have agreed upon. This is a much easier way to ensure that the selected ring setting and gemstone meet her expectations. Make sure that your purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee with a warranty throughout the lifetime of the ring. Whether you select a setting from an online store or purchase in person all reputable Jewelers will offer proof of authenticity along with warranty and insurance options.