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The #1 Biggest Fear in Buying Custom Jewelry
Jan 07, 2014


That dreaded word that keeps so many people from designing their own jewelry.

The biggest fear of custom work is that you won’t like it or the jeweler won’t get it right. Lots of people have bad experiences with it. They can’t visualize it all or describe it to the jeweler.

That’s why we offer visualization at Marx Jewelers. You can see your future piece almost in real life with the accuracy of the 3D renderings. This way, you can really know what it’s going to look like. It takes out the fear of disappointment.

Custom Versus Common

That should put you at ease regarding the usual fear people have about custom work, but what other reasons are there to do custom jewelry instead of buying from a chain store?

The difference between Marx Jewelers and all those other chain jewelry stores is in two parts: the creation and the numbers.

Creating A Work of Art

The chain stores design their jewelry according to current trends and what they think will sell the best. They look at the general consensus. At the public.

When you work with me directly, you become my sole focus – my unique inspiration for the piece we co-create for you. It is entirely a reflection of who you are and what you love.

It’s not about the masses. It’s about YOU.

Common Jewelry, Commonplace

Where the jewelry chain stores make their money is in sheer volume of sales. They cast and create hundreds, if not thousands, of the same designs hoping to sell as many of them as they can and make their profit.

Your ring will be worn by countless other women when you buy it from a store like that.

But when you get a custom ring, it can be entirely your own. A synthesis of you and your loved one. A symbol of your unique brand of love. This is what I strive for each time I work with a client. And this is why I love what I do.


I’m flexible. I understand that things can sometimes change for my clients. They might move the date up and want something immediately available. Or find another option they like more. I offer 100% money back guarantee for that reason.

And I won’t take it personally. I love to create jewelry. I always hope that what I create brings joy to my clients but no matter what happens, I’m still doing what I love.

What can I create for you today?

Dedicated to be your jeweler,