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What Does a Diamond Ring Mean to You?

Feb 05, 2014

Being a jeweler means that diamonds are my business.

For many people, the magic and wonder of something loses its luster after long exposure has made it familiar. But for me, diamonds remain just as incredible, beautiful, and ethereal as they ever were.

The lore, history, and symbolism of diamonds and wedding jewelry is important to me as a jeweler. So I want to take some time to share what I know. Perhaps it will help you as you choose or design your wedding ring with me.

Diamonds are Beauty Incarnate

Diamonds have a long history of symbolizing beauty, power, eternity, and, of course, love.

One of their earliest moments in history is evidence of diamond mining in India. Devotional statues of a powerful Hindu god often had diamonds for eyes.

Greeks believed diamonds to be teardrops from gods.

Romans claimed that splinters of shooting stars fell to the earth as diamonds.

Harder than any other substance on earth, and a brilliant and beautiful as a little piece of the sun – diamonds are and will always be a majestic stone to wear.

Eternal Band

The Eternal Band

I think a true, circular wedding band is essential to the style of a ring.

The well-known unending loop as a symbol of eternity is important, especially these days.

The completed circle of a wedding ring has no beginning and no end. It returns to itself.

And so we wish for our loved ones that their love will be without end.

Tense about Tension Rings

I’m not really tense about this particular type of ring – but I do have some opinions on them.

I have been asked on multiple occasions to design and create custom jewelry in the style of a tension ring. If you are familiar with this look, you’ll know that it doesn’t actually close in a full circle.

Many people who like the tension ring will talk about the diamond as the bridge connecting the ring. But for me, it is inherently a broken circle.

My tension ring uses a bridge underneath the diamond so that the ring itself is still connected but you have the illusion of the diamond floating between the bands.

It preserves the meaning of an eternal wedding ring AND it is far more practical: it can be resized, unlike true tension rings, for example.

tension wedding ring

Your Vein of Love

My what?

You heard me right.

Your vein of love or “venas amoris” was believed to flow in a path from your heart to, you guessed it, the third finger of your left hand.

This belief was espoused by the ancient Egyptians and somehow it has perpetuated so many thousands of years to today. It is rare to see a wedding ring on any other finger.

A Day of Love

It’s clear that everything surrounding love, romance, and marriage is abundant with symbols. Learning about them can help you understand the common traditions and make it easier for you to decide what you want in your own ring.

Enjoy celebrating your love, whether new or decades in the making. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dedicated to being your jeweler,