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What Every Bride NEEDS to Know
Jul 07, 2014

At Marx Jewelers, we love our brides-to-be and seeing their faces light up when they see their beautiful custom wedding rings for the first time. We also understand how stressful planning a wedding can be, which is why we want to make this process as easy as possible for them.

We’ve already got you covered when it comes to designing a custom wedding band that you will enjoy for years to come, but what about all the other details that a wedding involves?

Because there are so many different elements to creating the perfect wedding, it’s really easy to forget something, or you might just get so overwhelmed that you’re ready to throw in the towel before you even take the first step down the aisle.


Before you call the whole thing off, here are three basic rules every bride should follow—you might find it helpful to remember them while planning for your big day.

1. Don’t use a crash diet

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her special day, but that doesn’t mean that you need to lose so much weight that not even your groom will recognize you.

If you want to lose a couple of pounds through healthy eating habits or an exercise routine that gives you more energy, that’s wonderful, and we highly encourage any activity that makes you feel healthy.

What we caution against here is setting an unrealistic expectation or adopting a regimen that will leave you feeling weak, tired, and “spaced out” because you haven’t been eating.

Remember, your significant other fell in love with you the way are and will continue to love you without you needing to change what’s on the outside.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

You may have dreamt about that unique and exotic flower arrangement that has to be flown in from Bora Bora, those hors d'oeuvres made by the top French chef, or that very elegant Vera Wang table setting that has a backorder waiting list of five years, but how realistic is it that you’ll be able to make all these things happen?

The key rule to follow here is to pick the one detail that is the most important to you and focus on that.

If you try to do too much, or if your expectations are set beyond your means, you’ll burn yourself out and possibly end up not having anything you’d set your heart on for your wedding.

3. You Can’t Please Everyone

This is your special day! That is really the only thing you need to remember when planning your wedding.

Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks about the colors you’ve chosen, whether your bridesmaids will ever wear their dresses again, or if everyone likes the food you’re serving at the reception.

Sure, you want everyone to enjoy themselves and have fun, but it’s not about them…it’s about you and your groom.


Go ahead and take dietary needs into consideration, but don’t change your whole menu because Susan is a vegetarian, Bob is gluten-free, Allen eats only kosher foods, or Grandma Alma is lactose intolerant.  

Here are some great ideas that are destined to have something for everyone:

  • fruit and vegetable tray  - maybe in an elegant display that is fun and colorful

  • meat and cheese tray - keep these separate from the fruits and veggies, but have a nice variety

  • gluten-free tray - this can include pretty much anything that is gluten-free, whether it’s fruits, vegetables, crackers, or cheeses

  • bread and cracker tray - mix a variety of breads and crackers—there’s bound to be something for everyone.

If you follow these very simple rules while you’re planning your wedding, we think you will be much happier, enjoy having your custom wedding ring placed on your finger, and a little less stressed when your big day arrives.


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