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Your Satisfaction (and Elation!) is My Goal

Mar 28, 2014

It’s good for me to hear from customers of my store Marx Jewelers in Portland, Oregon. They tell me what they really feel about their experience and this is what motivates me to continue doing what I do. It makes my job a joy to do, each and every day.

And I don’t just try to keep my customers satisfied, I want to make them elated, excited, and overjoyed.

Here is a review from Tracy:

“I’ve been a customer of his about 4 years now. I’ve had multiple designs custom made for me. Mostly rings. It’s been excellent.

“I used to deal with another dealer. And I happened to walk in [to Marx Jewelers] one day and I’ve been there ever since. He was really impressive. He listens to what his clients really want, his turnaround time for completing projects, and he just knows what I want. I would definitely recommend him to others.”

I love being successful as I design or find your perfect piece of jewelry.

Dedicated to being your jeweler,