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Aphrodite collection

Classic, Elegant, Sensual
Everything we love about women is captured in the Aphrodite collection. Every piece is a signature piece destined for a sophisticated woman with timeless style and grace. Unique designs are touched with exotic elements and precise contours, and then honed with classic refinement.

Athena collection

Precious, Youthful, Milestone
Romantic, elegant, luxurious and affordable bridal sets offered to young couples that want to seal their pact of everlasting love and commitment. Each item within this collection is timeless, inspired to symbolize an everlasting and ageless love. Each piece is also lavish and unique, affordable with no compromise in quality.

MARX Collection

Little pieces of art we created for you!
Its our signature line of custom made in house wedding bands.


Metal Weight - 2.93 grams

Available Sizes - 3-9.75




customers reviews

Michael Weston, Oregon

Crystal and I went to five different jewelers. We even went through one jeweler that had gone as far as casting the rings, which were not even close to what we had drawn and described. We were so frustrated by the lack of professionalism and artistic ability in the trade we had almost given up. That all changed the minute we walked into Marx jewelers; immediately after talking with Slava at Marx Jewelers we had the instant feeling that he knew exactly what we were looking for. We dropped our last jeweler and trusted Slava and the staff at Marx Jewelers to create our design (losing $300 to the last jeweler). We were even more impressed when we received the digital rendition of what our rings would look like beforehand. Just as Slava had said the designs were exactly what we were looking for in the first place. The staff at Marx jewelers showed such professionalism, craftsmanship, and artistic touch the designs looked better than we could have imagined. Needless to say, our rings were perfect in every way and my wife and I could not be happier with the designs. Thanks Marx Jewelers!