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Feb 20, 2014

If you are like many of my clients, you may wonder if the diamonds I use in my jewelry are mined, processed, or shipped with inhumane working conditions or through illegal means or if the profits from their sale go toward funding wars and conflicts.

I consider myself a jeweler of integrity - and I can proudly say that all of my diamonds are 100% conflict free!

Originally living on the other side of the world, I feel like I am a part of a worldwide human family. Not just a single spot on the globe, but connected to many others. Because of this, I also know that it is important to do what we can to ensure fair treatment for all.

This is one way that I can make a difference.

What is a Blood Diamond?

This term was coined in the 1990s when profits from the diamond business were used to fund civil wars in Africa. Not only were the working conditions of the diamond mining itself deplorable, but the money gained from selling them on the international diamond market gave the warlords and rebels power to destroy many millions of lives.

Some of the countries involved in blood diamond trades are: Angola, Sierra Leone, the DRC, Côte d'Ivoire, Zimbabwe, and Liberia. Israel is involved in the cutting and processing of much of the world’s diamonds before they are sent around the world to jewelers, so they are becoming an important part of the conflict-free process.

The Kimberley Process

The “KP” is what regulates the diamond industry to make sure they are legal and legitimate. It is a collective initiative made up of governments, industry and civil society. These organizations work to stop the processing and selling of rough diamonds used in funding civil wars.

Basically, it is a series of certifications for the processing, handling, and selling of diamonds that is restricted to other companies and individuals who also meet those same requirements. So an individual company must meet certain requirements, and then they can only do business with other companies who also meet them.

It does have some stipulations for governments and national regulations as well as on a company and industry level. And for you, the consumer, there is power in your purchasing dollar. Will you support the KP chain of safe diamonds or risk supporting a corrupt diamond source?

African and Canadian Diamonds

And if you are still concerned about the mining of the diamond, I can also purchase Canadian diamonds and import them. The diamond mines in Canada are owned and operated by the government and are 100% trustworthy; not to mention being very high quality stones.

If that is of interest to you, please talk to me about the details.

The Marx Jewelers Promise

With Marx Jewelers, you don’t have to worry about where your diamond came from or what was involved in making it as beautiful as it is.

With Marx Jewelers, your diamond is just that - YOUR diamond. Peace of mind is a priceless commodity.

Don’t leave it up to fate. Buy from a jeweler you can trust.

Dedicated to being your jeweler,