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Choosing Your Engagement Ring Design
Sep 13, 2014

As you decide to propose to that special woman in your life the excitement is likely to bubble over as you consider romantic ideas for that one lucky lady. Then the reality of her expectations versus your limited budget threatens to squelch the excitement into frenzied anxiety. Have no fear. In this day and age it is easier than ever to research every alternative in order to find the perfect ring before you pop that life-changing question.

Since you are getting ready to share the rest of your life with her it's a great idea to get to know her jewelry style and personal preferences. Is her personality one that prefers to draw attention to an eye catching gem or is s the type or woman who loves something unique yet understated? The lifestyle she is accustomed to will be an important determining factor as you make the ring setting selection. What are the things that matter most to her? What are her values? Are there important traditions within her family that would make an heirloom engagement ring the best choice? Would she prefer something more traditional or modern?

There are budgets to fit any ring setting preference. Diamond rings tend to be a popular, more traditional choice. The diamond in and of itself is meant to symbolize strength and purity. One setting for the diamond engagement ring is the solitaire. The solitaire setting is a simple yet strong statement for an engagement ring. This classic setting highlights a single band and single gemstone. This setting definitely highlights the purity of the center diamond with the single band emphasizing a classic style.

Once the setting of engagement ring is selected a complimentary wedding band to be worn with the engagement ring after the wedding ceremony is designed. The wedding bridal set with the engagement ring and wedding band is designed as a perfect match, avoiding a lot of frustration in the long run.

If your bride to be happens to come from a background rich in cultural traditions you may need to consider how her ethnic or religious roots play into the engagement ring selection. There are customized engagement ring sets that are meant to reflect specific cultures. Some examples of cultures that are traditionally honored in this way are the Jewish and Celtic cultures.

Another setting for a bridal set or engagement ring is one that is more antique in nature. These rings can be antiques or they can be vintage, which means they are designed to look more like an antique ring. Vintage rings tend to replicate certain periods of design and can reflect different time periods with elegance and style.

There are more modern or contemporary setting options as well. These can be designed specifically with the tastes of the couple in mind and can be customized to fit any lifestyle. This option is a great way to allow for creativity as your personality shines through the custom design.

Any ring setting can vary in price depending on the type of metal and gemstones selected. Make sure you know a comfortable price range as you investigate all possible for the symbol of love meant to last a lifetime.