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Diamonds for Custom Jewelry

Dec 21, 2014

Oftentimes loose gemstones are something the average person relates to movies with elaborate crime schemes and a desirable blue velvet bag containing colorful gems. In reality, loose gemstones are affordable, readily available, and quite practical for nearly all consumers.

Most fine jewelry retailers will assert that purchasing diamonds is a wise investment, though this may not be the most accurate outlook for a consumer to adopt. The value of diamonds is formulated with social value as a marked contributor, so purchasing diamonds simply as an investment to be secured in a safe deposit box removes the social aspect of the investment. Creating a custom piece of jewelry for a special social occasion can be a lot of fun, so choosing the perfect loose diamond is worth the patience it requires.

Fine jewelry vendors purchase diamonds that are whole carat weights or near a whole carat weight, because they know the average consumer that utilizes a jewelry retailer for a diamond jewelry purchase typically prefers that whole number. Because of the desirability of the whole carat weights, these diamonds are marked up ten percent or more. When selecting a loose diamond, the consumer has the advantage of saving money by considering a diamond that is slightly less than a full carat weight, like .87 carat. It takes a professional eye or even a scale to discern the .87 carat diamond as less than a full carat.

Jewelry retailers make their profit on diamonds they purchase by marking them up in the store. Their markup is an average of thirty percent to cover the costs of running their business including the building, sales personnel, skilled professional jewelers, and marketing. As a consumer, finding your own loose diamond before heading to the jeweler for a consultation will save quite a bit of money that needn't be spent.

Having a loose diamond in-hand when you go to a jeweler gives you the benefit of having more control in the whole experience of creating a custom piece of jewelry. You can be sure to find a diamond that fits your budget and avoid the sales pitch and potentially limited options of diamonds that would fit your budget at a jewelry retail location. Jewelers tend to keep diamonds in stock that will make them the most money and support a reputation in the jewelry industry, which is great, but this will add to your cost. Another benefit of bringing your loose diamond with you is being able to have a better visual while creating the perfect custom piece. You can avoid wondering or hoping the diamond will fit well with the piece of jewelry and can have assurance in the design you choose.

Purchasing loose gemstones can provide an exciting rush, especially knowing you are getting a great price for your stones. The payoff gives a great sense of satisfaction when the custom piece is finished and adorning the consumer. Having creative freedom contributes to the overall experience, and saving money is always a good choice. If you want a custom piece of jewelry, purchasing a loose diamond before going to the jeweler will be to your advantage.