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From I Will to I Do
Jan 15, 2014

I recently wrote about the history of jewelry making. I learned how to make jewelry using fabrication arts and direct metal work. Today, I do much of my design using computers and new technologies. But I haven’t lost that artistic touch.

What does this mean for you, though? As my client, I wanted to translate some of what I said in my previous blogs into practical steps and information for you to use. Here’s what to expect if you are creating a custom piece of jewelry with me.

My Process

1. Come in!

Looking at the very unique inventory that I have in my store can sometimes inspire my clients. But I’d say that 100% already have their own “concepts” or ideas.

2. Explore Your Concept

If you have drawings or pictures to help describe what you are looking for, please bring them in. This is where we simply talk about what you want. I’ll start sketching it out and putting our words onto paper.

3. Past Renderings

I have intensive archives of what I’ve done in digital form: renderings and 3D images. And of course I remember the pieces I’ve done. So I will often times pull up other examples of what I’ve done to show you.

Looking at the 3D rendering can finetune the design beyond what I can do on paper.


4. Approve and Adjust

It makes a difference to use the CAD Cam process. I can quickly put a ring on the computer right in front of you and we can start tweaking it here and there to make it yours.

For example, you might not want the smaller diamonds along the side of the main stone. So I take those out and you can immediately see what it looks like without them. It’s right before your eyes as we create it.

Some of these changes are immediate. Some take a little extra time to get just right. If this is the case, then I can email you the rendering once the adjustments have been made. You can approve it or give me more feedback. It makes it easy!

5. Machinated Replica

The next step in this process is the replica. My computer program is connected to a machine that creates wax replicas of whatever piece of jewelry I choose. Once I have that a master model can be created.

6. The Master Ring

The metal is cut and fabricated using the wax replica as an example. This real piece of jewelry is often called the Master model. In other businesses, this master ring serves as the model for the cast, and the rings that are sold are “clones” of the master.

At Marx Jewelers, what we give you is the Master! Masters are always more detailed and sharper than those clones made from a mold. And it’s often sold at the same price or even lower than competitor’s clone rings.

At this point, I set the diamond(s) and/or stones and polish it up so it sparkles!

This can be done in as little time as 1 week!

My Inventory

Many clients who come into Marx Jewelers are surprised by the fact that I don’t always have a ton of jewelry on display. But that’s where you have to remember the custom work that I do.

The second story of Marx Jewelers is my shop. I make much of the jewelry I sell in that place and when I finish it, it goes directly to the client. We design, manufacture, and sell the jewelry all in one place.

My lack of display jewelry, then, is just a reflection of my dedication to custom creating unique pieces for each individual client. And that’s really where my passion in jewelry is.

So I hope to see you soon!

Dedicated to be your jeweler,