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Give Me Your Custom Jewelry Challenge!

Apr 24, 2014

In my jewelry store in Portland, Oregon, I tend to focus on designing custom engagement and wedding rings using precious metals.

But really, my expertise is such that any custom piece of jewelry is my forte. I have experience with just about everything you can think of using precious metals!

I recently completed a handmade chain from precious metals.

I’ve made a belly button ring.

I’ve designed and crafted custom cufflinks to match a wedding band.

I’ve even done a beautiful 14k gold necklace pendant to look like a book.

Very unique stuff! Out of the box thinking! My keyword is custom!

I really love the process and the challenge (and the JOY) of creating custom pieces. Creating something that no one else has and bringing into reality something that the client could only imagine in their mind and heart.

So what are you waiting for?

Bring me my next challenge and let me show you that the design you’ve been thinking about for years can be hanging around your neck or glistening on your finger in a few weeks.

Dedicated to being your jeweler,