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How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Jan 25, 2015

Choosing an engagement ring can be overwhelming with so many different options available. To ensure you choose the right ring you must consider several factors including the type of metal, the type of stone, style and fit. Carefully researching each of these factors will help you make the best choice and guarantee that your fiancee will fall in love all over again. 

One of the first factors to consider in engagement ring shopping is the type of metal. The type of metal you choose will largely depend on your fiancees personal taste and preference. Some prefer white gold over yellow gold, and as trends and seasons change, one tends to become more popular than the other. Some women may prefer to match their other jewelry to their engagement ring and therefor would prefer one metal over another. Engagement rings are most commonly made of either white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Platinum is similar to white gold in color but is heavier and more expensive. Another option for women with common metal allergies is Palladium. Palladium is similar to platinum in color but a lighter metal that doesn't require rhodium plating unlike white gold. Most ring options can be made in any of these metal options depending on your fiancees preferences.

Another factor to consider is the type of stone. Does your fiancée prefer the traditional diamond or does she want something unique? Diamonds tend to be the most expensive stone but there are a variety of other options that are becoming more popular for engagement rings. Some people have chosen colorful gemstones in lieu of the traditional diamond, such as a blue or pink sapphire, purple amethyst, ruby or even quartz. Another popular option is a pearl ring. Alternative gemstones can provide a new take on the typical engagement ring and often better reflect the wearer's personal style. Also, choosing a gemstone other than a diamond may allow for a bigger stone at a smaller price point.

Style is another major factor to take into account when choosing the perfect ring. Diamonds and other stones also come in a range of shapes or cuts. Prices can vary greatly depending on the cut of the diamond Popular diamond cuts include round, princess (or square), emerald, cushion cut and marquis. Each cut has a different number of facets that reflect light and allow the diamond to sparkle and shine. The cut of the diamond can also tell a lot about one's personal style. Along with cut, rings can also be modern and streamlined, such as a solitaire, or vintage style with special filigree detail. Some women may prefer fancier styles with several diamonds. 

Finally, you should also consider the size of ring. Just like a pair of jeans, everyone has a ring finger size. Make sure you have this information before you go ring shopping to ensure it will fit perfectly on her finger. Also size-related is the gemstone or diamond size. The size of the stone will also impact the price immensely. Stones are sized in carats and a common engagement ring center stone size is 1 carat. The bigger the budget, the more carats you will be able to afford. 

With a little observation and research, you will be able to find the perfect engagement ring to suit your fiancees personal style and your budget.