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How to Save Money on Your Wedding So You Can Upgrade That Engagement Ring!
Jun 19, 2013

June and September are the two most popular months to hold a wedding. Largely because in most parts of the country that is when it is neither too hot or too cold outside.

What this also means is that these two little months can often be the most costly months to hold your wedding. January, March, April, and November can be far less expensive months to get married.

The price fluctuation comes from numerous sources. The venue is typically lower priced, and the vendor prices are likely significantly lower simply because there is less demand in those months.

Now, I am by no means a wedding planner. But I do have quite a bit of industry knowledge since I have been a premier jeweler in Portland, OR specializing in engagement rings for 22 years. I also have clients from all across the world and have a large volume of repeat business which means I get to hear all about my clients weddings.

So, here are a couple quick tips I have learned over the years to save money on your wedding.

The Cheaper Days of the Week

Saturday is the MOST expensive day of the week to get married. Ceremony and reception site rental rates are usually less expensive Sunday through Friday. Seems pretty obvious, right?.

Hotel rates are cheaper if your guests are booking Sunday through Thursday as well. This is also something to consider if you are booking a hotel suite for yourself or for a VIP guest from out of town. (Think about that new mother in law that you really want to start on the right foot with!)

Airfare is cheaper on weekdays too. So if you got married on a Monday and flew out for your honeymoon on a Tuesday, you would be triple saving. The lower airfare, the lower venue cost, and the lower hotel cost!

Most couples that you ask will tell you they are getting married on a Saturday because they believe it will be easier for the guests to attend. But for me personally, I would rather take an extra day off work (bonus vacation!) and pay the lower prices of airfare and hotel reservations anyway.

The Cheaper Time of the Day

Food and drink are the most costly items you will need to account for in your wedding budget. Believe it or not there are numerous ways to minimize this cost. You can drastically cut the cost of food and beverages by simply changing the TIME of your wedding. For a couple of examples:

  • A mid morning ceremony: The cost of eggs and hashbrowns is significantly cheaper than steak and potatoes. Trust me, have you been to the grocery store lately? Especially if you are doing it as a light brunch which is such an elegant option. For drinks you may consider serving Mimosas so you won’t have the cost of lots of different alcohols. And the best part is, no one would expect you to serve a full or partial bar of any sort at a brunch.

  • An early afternoon ceremony: Your guests will have already eaten lunch and it is too early for dinner. All that you would be expected to serve at this type of event would be a cake with a variety of beverages. What type of beverages you choose would just depend on your type of crowd.

If you have your heart set on a 6 PM ceremony you have to be prepared to do a full sit down dinner for your guests.

Take your timing into careful consideration. There are numerous other ways to minimize costs. With some careful planning and budgeting you can still have the wedding of your dreams and you will have some bonus cash left over for that dream engagement ring as well.

Now, which diamond were you drooling over in my store the other day?

- Slava