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Sometimes a Simple Apology Can be Worth $7000
Oct 03, 2013

I always laugh when people ask me what is the best apology gift I have ever made. In all the years that I have been a jeweler, I have seen just about everything, from “Sorry I forgot our anniversary” to “I’m really sorry I was not home for the birth of our baby.” In every circumstance, I see a man walk through my doors in sheer panic. Knowing that he is inevitably going to be in the doghouse and he is desperately trying to appease the angry lady in his life.

The Bigger the Trouble the Bigger the Diamond

When it comes to apology presents, bigger is better! The bigger the stone the more sorry you feel is the message you are sending. I recently had a customer come in and purchase a $7000 belly button ring for his girlfriend.

He neglected to share the details, however when I was making the jewelry my thoughts were that this man was incredibly sorry for whatever it was he had done!

Cushioning the Blow

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, most of the apology pieces are bought by men. Many of the women that I have spoken to over the years have told me that a gift does not always mean immediate forgiveness, and in reality, many situations that call for forgiveness cannot be bought with jewelery.

As a man, I know that all too often things come up and anniversaries or birthdays are forgotten, or unforeseen circumstances cause us to miss some important event, but for the most part, we often want to make up for the things that make the woman in our lives unhappy.

Most women love jewelry and the men that love the woman in their lives, know this. It seems logical that if we screw up, we are going to try to make up for it, and what better way to do this than coming to our ladies with hat and gift in hand.

Forgiveness is a Beautiful Thing… and so are Diamonds

Some of the most beautiful pieces I have done have been made to mark a special moment. Weddings, engagements, graduations, births, and sometimes even those moments that start out not so great but end with the most beautiful thing in the world: forgiveness.

It is with this in mind that I create the apology presents that my customers come to me with. If forgiveness is what you are looking for, a Marx Jewelers piece will certainly make the act of forgiving all the more beautiful.

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