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What Makes the Best Custom Jewelry

Dec 10, 2014

When giving the gift of jewelry, the best way to add extra sparkle and shine to that gift is to have it custom made. Having a piece of jewelry custom made is a great way to express your personal sentiments, thoughtfulness, effort, and initiative, all captivated in one artful masterpiece. Such jewelry also makes a powerful statement for the recipient of the piece, reflecting on their taste and personality as well. If it is time to consider an exquisite gift for a special person, consider a custom made piece of jewelry and ensure your satisfaction with the item by utilizing the following guidelines.

Unique Design

When you see custom made jewelry, you know you are looking at something unique that was not mass produced in any way. To achieve this unparalleled brilliance, you will need to consider the recipient's personality, hobbies, interests, characteristics, and unique attributes. Take into consideration the occasion, formality, delivery, and comfort of the gift as well. When you meet with the designer, have a general idea of what you want to create, yet remain open to their guidance based on their skill and expertise.

Exceptional Workmanship

The finest pieces of jewelry were crafted by the finest jewelers. While you don't necessarily need to find the most expensive custom jeweler available, you do need to take the time to research several jewelers before making your selection. You can meet with jewelers personally or view online portfolios to see their quality of craftsmanship. A steady hand and an eye for the smallest detail is a must to create the perfect piece of jewelry.

Precious Metals and Jewels

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a custom made jewelry item is choosing from the ample choices of metals and jewels. From 14k gold to platinum and titanium, there are many varieties of metals that will not only fit the aesthetics of the piece but your budget as well. When it comes to choosing the jewels, the sky is the limit with various colors, sizes, and cuts. Generally retailers will suggest that you invest in a large stone as the centerpiece. While this may compliment the piece of jewelry, it may not be necessary. You can save a lot of your budget by utilizing smaller stones and an arrangement of settings. The jeweler will be able to provide you with several options with both the metals and the stones.


A quality jeweler will provide feedback as to the structural strength of the design you are considering. Take the time to research and review the design to be sure it will be a lasting heirloom. Look for a jeweler who provides a guarantee on his workmanship and provides services to keep the jewelry clean and secure. Consider insuring the item as well.

Timeless Beauty

With the many details to consider, it can be easy to overcomplicate the design. A safe and elegant approach to any piece of jewelry is to keep it classic with timeless character. Designs that can be worn for several occasions and that are comfortable to wear will make the gift all the more special.

There are many jewelers who offer custom made services. They can be found online and locally. Checking posted reviews is a great way to start your search when you begin the process of having a custom made piece of jewelry.