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What You Should Consider When Buying Custom Made Jewelry

Jan 16, 2015

To set yourself apart from the conveyer belt of mass produced jewelry, a custom made piece of jewelry can add an unparalleled brilliance to your ensemble. From the fiercely confident to the subtly sophisticated, custom jewelry made by an experienced jeweler can compliment your unique style and personality. When purchasing custom made jewelry, you will want to consider the following suggestions:


To create the masterpiece that represents you perfectly, you will need to have a clear vision of what you want to create. The better you can describe or sketch the item, the more likely the jeweler will be able to match your exact specifications. If sketching the item is difficult for you, build a clear picture in your mind that you can visualize and describe in detail to the jeweler. When having custom jewelry made for a gift, the item should not only reflect how you, the giver, feel about the recipient, but it should also reflect the recipient's character and personality.

Take Time

Finding the right jeweler with a portfolio that supports your vision for the piece of jewelry can take some time. Finalizing the design of the item can take time. Depending on how busy the jeweler is, the actual creation of the item can take some time. Be prepared to invest the time necessary to have your jewelry made consistent with your expectations. No two jewelers are alike, so getting to know the craftsmanship of a jeweler can help you decide if their work is up to your standard of quality. The more experienced a custom jeweler is, the more expensive their work can become, so knowing your budget will help in making this decision.

Materials Matter

The jeweler you select will be able to guide you in choosing the best materials for your design. If precious gemstones are part of your design, be aware of the cut, quality, and clarity of the stones used. To be sure your creation will last a lifetime, you will want to use materials that will support the structure and endure the repeated use of the item. While using fine and precious materials make a strong statement, be sure not to overlook the personality and character of the jewelry for the sake of the largest stone or most expensive metal.

Some jewelers offer eco friendly options for jewelry, utilizing seeds, beads, fibers, wood, and other natural resources that provide unique textures and colors for the jewelry. These options provide another way to personalize a unique item.


Your budget is likely the biggest factor in determining all the other aspects of a custom piece of jewelry. The same item made by two different jewelers could vary greatly in cost, because no two jewelers are alike. The amount of time and skill to finish and perfect a custom design is reflected in the cost of the item. Their craftsmanship is as unique as the jewelry they are creating. Being prepared with your budget drawn up before beginning any planning will help you to stay focused and avoid unforeseen expenses. It is highly advisable to get quotes from a few different jewelers before making your final decision.