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Having been a professional in the jewelry trade some years ago, I've become quite particular in how I like to be treated, the respect I wish to receive for my gem and jewelry knowledge, the price I pay for the work I'm requesting, and am a bit more demanding during the design process and of the final product than the average customer. I've found numerous other jewelers in the Portland area to be rude, demeaning, and overall difficult/impossible to work with. Having said all that, Marx Jewelers blew my mind... My fiancee and I came up with designs for our wedding rings. I'd already sourced the stones and had them cut in Sri Lanka for our project. We were having a difficult time finding anyone that was willing to take on our project and the demands of the design. Our search ended, however, with our first email to Marx Jewelers. The response back from Slava was perfect. His response, in part, was "I am willing and been known for taking on projects that seem impossible to do..." and closed with "Dedicated to be your jeweler". We exchanged a few more emails, scans of design sketches, information about material choices, and that we already had the stones. Shortly after we had an appointment made and met at the store. True to his form over email, he was extremely helpful, informative, and demonstrated an ability to actually listen to the customer (a skill sorely lacking from many jewelers). Thanks to excellent information from him, we ended up changing our metal choices, but were still able to retain all the important design elements of the rings. A few short days later we had 3D renders to look at and an idea as to cost. Unlike some jewelers who decide the price and then force you to either break your budget or change things about the design that are important to you in order to stay within budget, Slava not only delivered what we talked about, but hit the budget too. He kept us up to date during the various, complicated steps of the manufacturing process with emails about details, including attaching photos where appropriate. A few short weeks ago we picked up the finished rings. We're both extremely pleased with the final product. They're every bit as nice as we imagined when we started this process and won't hesitate to send friends and family to Marx Jewelers for their jewelry needs. We'll definitely be back for more custom jewelry ourselves.