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Обручальные кольца

Aphrodite Collection

Классическая, Элегантная, Чувственная
Everything we love about women is captured in the Aphrodite collection. Every piece is a signature piece destined for a sophisticated woman with timeless style and grace. Unique designs are touched with exotic elements and precise contours, and then honed with classic refinement.
Most rings in Aphrodite collection listed with price for setting only, unless otherwise noted.

Athena collection

Precious, Youthful, Milestone
Romantic, elegant, luxurious and affordable bridal sets offered to young couples that want to seal their pact of everlasting love and commitment. Each item within this collection is timeless, inspired to symbolize an everlasting and ageless love. Each piece is also lavish and unique, affordable with no compromise in quality.
Prices within Athena collection is for complete ring including center stone.

MARX Collection

Little pieces of art we created for you!
Its our signature line of custom made in house engagement rings.
Most rings in MARX collection listed with price for setting only, unless otherwise noted.


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customers reviews

Nancy L. Buck

My husband and I met Slava and his wife at a charity event outside of our respective businesses. During the initial meeting, I was impressed with the knowledge and interest Slava relayed to me regarding the restyling of my wedding ring. My diamond and ring setting were purchased separately. The decision on the main diamond was a long process. Unfortunately, I picked the setting from a catalog and was disappointed in the way the ring displayed the center diamond, the way it fit on my hand, the unfinished edges on the insides of the ring. I kept Slava’s business card for a year before I made an appointment to see him. They both remembered meeting me at the Charity event. The appointment was handled with professionalism and much patience. I didn’t know what I wanted; only what I did not want. We discussed what style I wanted, what portrayed my personality. That meant talking about many styles and the material for the ring make-over. Slava assured me that I would see the design before the casting and I could change my mind at any time along the way. I was never rushed and there were calls and emails to me throughout the process. While I had no deadline, Slava made sure I had the ring for a special event around Christmas time. I ultimately decided upon Platinum and added more diamonds to the styling. We adjusted things once after the initial drawings and I was so excited to see the final result. When I saw the ring, it took my breath away. It is exactly what I wanted and it is one of a kind, with personal markings meaningful only to me and my family. I couldn’t suggest a better experience for another woman or man thinking of designing something special that will last a lifetime.